Student Forms

Alphabetical Listing of Forms:

Audit Registration Form

            A limited number of auditors are permitted in most courses. Auditing privileges include regular class attendance,
            copies of all printed material distributed to the class, the opportunity to ask occasional questions in class, and full  
            library privileges. (For complete auditing policy, please refer to the catalog.)

Click here for the Audit Registration form.

Change of Program/Emphasis Form - MDiv, MAR, MA, Cert. *

            Purpose: To change program or program emphasis
            Click here for the Change of Program/Emphasis form.

           * PhD, ThM or DMin students who wish to make a change in program must 
           contact the Admissions Office.

Course Conflict Approval Form

At times students may find it necessary to schedule two courses which meet at the same time. Students having to schedule a course conflict need the approval of the two faculty members for the two courses which conflict. Students should submit a completed Course Conflict Approval Form with their course registration during the scheduled registration times. Signature approval from the course instructors must be submitted with the request form.

Click here for the Course Conflict Approval form.

External Course Request Form - PhD-Historical Theological Studies only

For students in the PhD - Historical Theological Studies degree program who are required to take doctoral level courses at another accredited university or seminary: This form should be submitted during the registration period prior to the semester in which the course is offered. On completion of the course, an official transcript must be sent to the Registrar's Office.

Click here for the External Course Request form.

Incomplete Request Form

If extenuating circumstances (unusual and unavoidable circumstances which hinder completion of assigned work) prohibit the student from completing a course on time, a grade of Incomplete may be given.  Students requesting addition time past the last day of final exam period should submit a request form in order to seek approval for the extra time. Signature approval from the course instructor must be submitted with the request form.

Click here for the Incomplete Request form.

Independent Study Request Form

Students interested in doing course work by independent study should bring a completed Independent Study Request Form with them to register or add the course. Please see current catalog for further details. Signature approval from the course instructor must be submitted with the request form.

Click here for the Independent Study Request form.

Official Letter Request Form

Occassionally past and present students need an official letter verifying that they are or were a student at Westminster Theological Seminary. If you find that you need an offiicial letter, please print out the Official Letter Request form and send it in to the Registrar's office.

Click here for the Official Letter Request form.

Petition Form

             Click here for the Petition form.

Reinstatement Request Form

Students desiring to reinstate to the seminary should submit a request to the Registrar's Office along with the appropriate fee.

Click here for the Reinstatement Request form.

Transfer of Credit Request Form

Purpose: To transfer credit of a course either 1) taken at another institution or 2) taken at WTS  prior to changing programs or emphasis.

Click here to access the 2016-17 Academic Catalog; Transfer of Credit Policy can be found on pp. 32-35.
Click here for the Transfer of Credit Request form.
Click here for the CCEF Transfer of Credit Request form.

Waiver of Prerequisite Form

Students seeking to register for a course in which they do not have the prerequisites fulfilled need to submit a Waiver Form in order to register for the class. Signature approval from the course instructor must be submitted with the request form.

Click here for the Waiver of Prerequisite form.

Withdrawal Notification Form

Students desiring or needing to withdraw from the seminary should notify the Registrar's Office.

Click here for the Withdrawal Notification form.

Withhold Directory Information Request Form

Students who desire to withhold free disclosure of Directory Information (on an “all or nothing” basis) to non-seminary personnel or organizations should submit this form to the Registrar’s Office.

Click here for the Withhold Directory Information Request form.