U.S. & Canadian Grants and Scholarships

**Incoming students beginning in the 2017-18 Academic Year: Please refer to Westminster's new Financial Aid website to learn about available scholarship opportunities. Those listed below are for previous years, and may no longer be available to new students. 

Grant/Scholarship Name Program Yearly Tuition
Award Amount
Number of New Awards
Available for 2016-17
M.Div M.A.R. M.A.C.
 General Masters Y Y Y up to $2,360 Varies**
 M.Div Ministry - Provisional Y     up to $2,360 Varies**
 M.Div Ministry - Undercare Y     up to 50% Varies**
 M.Div Ministry - Mentored
Y     up to 50% Varies**
 M.Div Ministry - American Minority Y     up to 50% Varies**
 Church Partnership* Y Y Y up to 33% 4
 Leadership Development* (Entering 1st Year) Y     100% 0
 Recording Artist* Y     50% Varies
 Reformed University Fellowship Intern * Y     100% 5
 George Sinclair Scholar Award* (Entering 1st Year) Y     $10,000 1
 George Sinclair* Y     up to 50% 5
 Joseph F Ryan* (Entering 1st Year) Y     100% 1
 Leaders of The KingdomNEW Y     50% 2
 Mephibosheth* (Students with Physical/Sensory Disabilities) Y Y Y Varies 1
 Walter & Helen Lee* Y Y Y Varies  0
 Mainland China* Y Y Y $10,000  0

* Special Grants and Named Scholarships have distinctive eligibility and application requirements.
**All who apply and meet eligibility requirements will be awarded.