Schedule - Fall 2010

Note regarding OT 323 and OT 311: please see OT Note below. 

Course descriptions of new courses (NT 471/771, OT 631 and PTM 312): please see Course Descriptions below.

Textbook information: the WTS Bookstore lists required textbooks for each course on its Textbooks for Summer/Fall  webpage as soon as the professor makes this list available. Current status of the bookstore's online list: the list is for the 2009-2010 academic year and intended as a guide only. When the list is finalized for Fall 2010, the status will be updated. Inquiries about the status of a particular course's required textbook list should be directed to

First day of classes: Sept. 9, 2010
Last day of classes: Dec. 3, 2010


Updated as of September 16th,2010

AP 101 S1Introduction to Apologetics38:30-10:25 am
8:30-9:25 am
AP 101 S2Introduction to Apologetics36:05-9:00 pmTh1Oliphint
AP 566Theodicy22:05-4:00 pmThCraigEdgar
AP 583The Problem of Knowledge & Christianity28:30-10:25 amThCraigOliphint
CH 131Survey of Church History36:30-9:30 pmW1Jue
CH 211The Ancient Church28:30-10:25 amTh3Trueman
CH 311The Reformation32:05-3:00 pm
11:05-1:00 pm
CH 321The Church in the Modern Age48:30-10:25 amTh F1Jue
CH 583The Life & Thought of Francis Turretin211:05-1:00 pmThCraigJue
NT 011aa S1New Testament Greek 1aa42:05-4:00 pmM Th2Fletcher
NT 011aa S2New Testament Greek 1aa42:05-4:00 pmMW4Istrate
NT 012aNew Testament Greek 2a32:05-3:30 pmMW3Mininger
NT 012bNew Testament Greek 1b32:05-4:00 pm
2:05-3:00 pm
NT 013cNew Testament Greek c22:05-4:00 pmW6/DillardMonk
NT 111General Intro to the N.T.312:05-1:00 pm
11:05-1:00 pm
NT 211NT Interpretation: The Gospels42:05-4:00 pmTue Thur1Crowe
NT 311NT Interp. Genl Epistles & Rev28:30-10:25 amW1Poythress/Crowe
NT 4711 Peter211:05-1:00 pmTCraigKeene
NT 581Theology of Hebrews211:05-1:00 pmThYoungTipton
NT 641N.T. Use of the O.T.28:30-10:25 amT4Beale
OT 011 S1Biblical Hebrew 1a39:30-10:25 am
8:30-9:25 am
OT 011 S2Biblical Hebrew 1a38:30-9:25 amMW F5Groves
OT 013Biblical Hebrew 3a39:30-10:25 amMWF2Fantuzzo
OT 131Biblical Theology I36:30-9:30 pmM1Green
OT 141Old Testament for Ministry36:05-9:00 pmTh2Kelly
OT 211O.T. History & Theology I39:30-10:25 am
8:30-10:25 am
OT 323Poetry & Wisdom211:05-1:00 pmM1Green
OT 473Explorations in Biblical Hebrew Poetry22:05-4:00 pmThYoungKelly
OT 631The Book of Isaiah22:05-4:00 pmTCraigFantuzzo
PT 021P S1Ment. Min. Integration Seminar 12:05-1:00 pmTStonehouseWitmer
PT 021P S2Ment. Min. Integration Seminar 12:05-1:00 pmWYoungWitmer
PT 021P S3Ment. Min. Integration Seminar 1:05-2:00 pmThYoungWitmer
PT 021P S4Ment. Min. Integration Seminar 1:05-2:00 pmWYoungWitmer
PT 031PAdvanced Theological Writing I 4:05-6:00 pmWCraigAltena
PT 111Orientation to Ministerial Formation22:05-4:00 pmT3Lane/Witmer/Hobaugh
PT 211The Doctrine of the Church211:05-1:00 pmF2Leonard
PT 221 S1Expository Skills & Evaluation22:05-4:00 pmM5Currie
PT 221 S2Expository Skills & Evaluation24:05-6:00 pmT5Currie
PT 311Church Dynamics & Pastoral Practice211:05-1:00 pmTh1Witmer
PT 421Theological Biblio & Research Method14:05-5:00 pmTCraigFinlayson
PT 421PTheological Biblio & Research Method 4:05-5:00 pmTCraigFinlayson
PT 471Illustrating Biblical Truth13:05-4:00 pmWCraigWitmer
PTC 151Dynamics of Biblical Change36:30-9:30 pmThRustPowlison
PTC 221Counseling & Physiology23:05-5:00 pmM1Emlet
PTC 251Marriage Counseling36:30-9:30 pmM3Smith
PTC 261Human Personality32:05-5:00 pmTh3Welch
PTC 371P S1Counseling Observation27:05-9:00 pmMCCEFWelch
PTC 371P S2Counseling Observation26:05-8:00 pmWCCEFSmith Lowe
PTC 591CCEF Annual Conference1    
PTM 151Mission to the City22:05-4:00 pmF4Lee
PTM 171Mission Anthropology211:05-1:00 pmT4Leonard
PTM 312Preparation for Cross-Cultural Min.16:05-7:00 pmT5Leonard
PTM 671Urban Mission Seminar12:05-3:00 pmT6/DillardLeonard
ST 101Prolegomena to Theology211:05-1:00 pmMRustGarner
ST 131Survey of Reformed Theology36:30-9:30 pmT1Tipton
ST 211Doctrine of Man211:05-1:00 pmT2Garner
ST 601The Trinitarian Theol of CorneliusVanTil28:30-10:25 amTYoungTipton
SUM EVALSummative Evaluation Experience1    


Updated as of September 16th,2010

AP 861Theodicy12:05-4:00 pmThCraigEdgar
AP 883The Problem of Knowledge & Christianity18:30-10:25 amThCraigOliphint
CH 883The Life & Thought of Francis Turretin111:05-1:00 pmThCraigJue
NT 7711 Peter111:05-1:00 pmTCraigKeene
NT 881Theology of Hebrews111:05-1:00 pmThYoungTipton
NT 921Readings in N.T. Intro & Theol1   Crowe
NT 941N.T. Use of the O.T.18:30-10:25 amT4Beale
OT 773Explorations in Biblical Hebrew Poetry12:05-4:00 pmThYoungKelly
OT 931The Book of Isaiah12:05-4:00 pmTCraigFantuzzo
OT 981Readings in O.T. Intro & Theol1   Kelly
ST 901The Trinitarian Theol of CorneliusVanTil18:30-10:25 amTYoungTipton


OT Note:
The Old Testament department has switched the order it offers OT 311 (Prophetical Books) and OT 323 (Poetry and Wisdom) for the 2010-2011 academic year only: OT 323, which is usually taught in the Spring semester (2011), will be moved forward to the Fall semester (2010), while OT 311 will be moved back from the Fall to the Spring semester. This switch was made to accommodate Professor Green’s sabbatical leave, scheduled for Spring semester 2011. If you expect to complete your degree requirements by the end of Fall 2010 in order to graduate in May 2011 and this switch presents difficulties in your course schedule, please contact Professor Green.

 Course Descriptions of new courses:

NT 471/771 1 Peter
• To interpret Peter in its original, redemptive-historical, and canonical context
• To read (and understand) the Greek of 1 Peter
• To apply Peter's ecclesiological and ethical concernss to contemporary issues
Topics covered include prolegomena, eschatology and redemptive-history, ecclesiology and ethics, the nature of Christian suffering, and the relationship between 1 Peter, the Gospels, and Paul. Prerequisite: NT 013 or equivalent.

NT 641/941  New Testament Use of the Old Testament  (NT 941 was formerly entitled Hermeneutics in the New Testament Period)
•  To examine the apostolic use of the Old Testament in its first century hermeneutical context
•  To enable students to discern whether, and in what respects, this apostolic usage may be regarded as determinative for exegesis today
This course will examine New Testament use of the Old Testament in the light of its Old Testament context, the New Testament context and its environment. Area seminar for Ph.D. students specializing in Hermeneutics and Biblical Interpretation; others admitted only by special permission of the instructor. Limited enrollment. Prerequisite for NT 641: NT 013 or equivalent. OT 013 or equivalent recommended but not required.

OT 631   The Book of Isaiah
•     To engage in a grammatical-historical reading of the book of Isaiah
•     To explore its structure, themes, and theology
•     To develop a distinctly Christian interpretation of this book
Topics covered include a study of the history of the critical approaches to Isaiah, the structure and content of the book, motifs in the prophecy, and an orientation to Old Testament prophetic literature.  Special attention will be given to the issue of the book’s unity and its role in redemptive history. Prerequisites: NT 013 or equivalent, OT 013 or equivalent, NT 123.

PTM 312 Preparation for Cross-Cultural Ministry
• To assist students in clarifying their calling to cross-cultural ministry
• To help students assess their abilities and capacities to minister cross-culturally
• To walk the students through the life cycle of cross-culturally ministry
Topics covered include understanding ones strengthens and weaknesses for cross-cultural living; culture shock; choosing a mission board; fund raising; team ministry; the family and oversea living; 3rd cultural kids; returning home; characteristic of a cross-cultural ministry
(PTM 171 is a prerequisite – may be taken with PTM 171)