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July 01, 2010

Throughout the years, some notable speakers have walked the halls of Westminster Seminary.  Many of them have been faculty members such as Drs. J. Gresham Machen, Cornelius Van Til, Sinclair Ferguson, and Richard B. Gaffin.  However, there have also been a number of significant guests to Westminster that have blessed us with their great teaching.  Historic figures such as Herman Ridderbos and J. I. Packer as well as more recent theologians like George Marsden and John Piper. You can now access these speakers through iTunes U: Click Here.

iTunes U has a lot of other resources including:

  • full classes by current faculty members
  • chapel messages (historic and current
  • and historic lectures.

To visit the Westminster iTunes U page, click here.

Rich Engle, who recently attended our Wheaton Full Confidence Conference, said this about the audio Westminster has available:

“It has been a real blessing to find sites to pull down such great teaching from.  I am learning more and more that our pastors cannot do it all by themselves, and I just sense that there are so many people that do not know the deep foundations of why we believe what we believe - heck, there is so much that I continue to learn.

"We cannot expect our pastors to be able to minister to everyone.  We have to be willing to teach Christian Ed classes, and evangelize also, but we need to be able to do it from sound doctrine.  Preaching Christ crucified and resurrected to a lost world, and that the Lord will provide for us and sustain us in tough times is the big picture, but it can only strengthen our faith more to truly understand the foundation of our faith.

"As I help to lead the Christian Education at our church, it is really neat to see the reactions of lay people like myself who are seeing the Gospel in a whole new light.  So, thanks for making resources like this accessible.  The end result is that many lives are being ministered to.”

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