a faith worth sharing

September 24, 2008

Westminster Classic of the Month Selection.

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"Twelve years ago Jack Miller died leaving his last words-the book A Faith Worth Sharing. Written in the six weeks before he died, his last words are stories of faith begun and faith renewed, stories of his failures and God's successes. This book will reorient your heart towards what lasts-love for God and sharing that love with others." - Barbara Miller Juliani, Daughter of C. John Miller


Jack Miller interviewed center

"C. John Miller taught practical theology at Westminster Theological Seminary, was Director of World Harvest Mission, and led mission trips to several countries. He was founding pastor of New Life Presbyterian Church, outside of Philadelphia, from which grew several other congregations in the Philadelphia area. His other books include Powerful Evangelism for the Powerless and Outgrowing the Ingrown Church."

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