Statement of the Board

May 22, 2008

Statement of the Board of Trustees
Westminster Theological Seminary
May 21, 2008

Certain matters raised at a March 26, 2008 meeting of the Board of Trustees concerning Professor. Peter Enns have been addressed procedurally by the Board’s Institutional Personnel Committee (IPC), which sought and received input from Professor Enns.

In response the Board has, without dissent, established a Hearing Committee with equitable representation from Board and Faculty, chaired by the Chairman of the IPC. A process has been approved that seeks to follow the Faculty Manual and respect the rights of Professor Enns. The process will be completed with a recommendation to the Board no later than the December 2008 Board meeting at which a final determination will be made.

The IPC Chair has asked that any further communication concerning this matter go through the Chairman of the Board, Dr. John H. White.