Stephen Tong Chair

September 11, 2011

With thanksgiving to God and great appreciation to our brothers and sisters in Indonesia, Westminster Theological Seminary announces the endowment of the Stephen Tong Chair of Reformed Theology.

Dr. Jeffrey K. Jue has been named as the first occupant of the chair. The inauguration will be held on September 12, 2011 at 10:30am in Rust Auditorium. Dr. Stephen Tong will be giving the charge. Dr. Tong will also give a special lecture at 2:00pm in Rust Auditorium. This event is open to the public.

The Rev. Dr. Stephen Tong is the most significant Chinese Reformed theologian and evangelist of this generation. He began his ministry at age 17. After graduating from Southeast Asia Bible Seminary in Malang, Indonesia, Dr. Tong served as a member of its faculty, teaching theology and philosophy for 25 years. Likewise he has been a visiting lecturer at numerous seminaries around the world and is the author of over 75 books. As an evangelist, Dr. Tong has preached to over 30 million people worldwide, while maintaining a regular weekly preaching schedule in Jakarta, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taipei.  In addition to his teaching and preaching, Dr. Tong is a true Renaissance man. He is a composer, conductor, artist, and architect, composing over 200 hymns and designing over 30 buildings. Dr. Tong is also the founder of the Indonesian Reformed Evangelical Church.

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