Writing for Urban Mission

Urban mission courses stimulate reflection and study aimed at preparing students for ministry in the world’s cities.  For this reason, every writing assignment in urban mission courses is practical and personal.  Students are graded less on scholarly polish and more on thoroughness, practical insight and personal engagement.  Urban mission courses require a variety of types of written assignments, not all of which are discussed specifically in these general guidelines.  In each case, your syllabus and professor will tell you specifically how to approach the assignment.

What is Urban Mission?

The study of urban mission at Westminster is an interdisciplinary integration of biblical, systematic, and practical theology with missiology and the social sciences.

The concerns of urban mission courses include:

  • articulating the underlying theological motivations for urban ministry
  • using the great wealth of resources available from the social sciences to understand the dynamics and needs of urban communities
  • developing appropriate and responsible methodologies for serving in urban settings

Students in urban mission courses are also urged to expand, deepen, and clarify their vision for the church’s ministry to urban communities through interaction papers and case studies and term research projects.


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