The Response Paper

Most counseling courses require you to write a response paper. The primary purpose of this paper, as the name suggests, is to elicit your response to the material you are studying. 

Response papers facilitate your interaction with the material. Because biblical counseling focuses on the intersection between truth and application, your interaction with reading assignments should maintain a balance between the theoretical and the practical. Biblical Counseling - The Response PaperThat is, your response should not merely be a discussion of theoretical truth but should probe into your personal engagement with this truth.  

On the other hand, a paper that only expresses your emotional reaction suggests that you have failed to reflect thoughtfully on the material. Therefore, your response paper should seek to strike a balance between your intellectual engagement with the reading and your spiritual and emotional engagement.  

The way to maintain balance in a response paper is to allow yourself ample time for reflection before you write. Counseling response papers are intended to serve you by facilitating your own growth in grace and your preparation for service to others. If you first commit yourself to determined and thoughtful reflection on the material you are studying, you will probably find that writing a balanced and engaged response paper comes naturally. 

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