What is MTE I?

MTE I is an intensive summer English language course designed to equip students with the level of English proficiency needed to succeed in Certificate program, MDiv, MAR, or DMin studies at Westminster.

MTE I Curriculum

In MTE I, students study from 8:30 am – 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday. In the morning, they build specific academic English skills. In the afternoon, they take Theological English, an introduction to the theological genres they will encounter at Westminster and the language skills they will need to thrive in their degree programs. MTE I students also learn critical thinking and study theological vocabulary.

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MTE I Class Descriptions

Grammar Warm-Up

Every morning, MTE I will begin with a variety of light-hearted grammar activities. This brief warm-up will introduce important terminology and reinforce important grammatical principles.

Integrated Four-Skills Language Classes

These classes will teach advanced English reading, writing, listening, speaking, and grammar in a holistic way. The purpose of these morning sessions will be to strengthen the foundation of students’ knowledge of English.

Theological English

The Theological English class will be devoted to understanding and using English for theological purposes. These lessons will begin with a brief lecture and discussion, followed by in-depth study of a theological reading selection with accompanying discussion and language learning activities. Students will also be assigned Theological English tasks in which they will have an opportunity to practice speaking or writing about theology.

Advanced Study Skills for Theology

This class will teach advanced skills and strategies for helping students become better readers, note-takers, test-takers, and time managers. It will cover topics such as how to listen effectively to complex theological lectures, how to approach different kinds of seminary exams, and how to manage a heavy load of assigned theological reading.

Theological Vocabulary

Students will memorize and practice recognizing and using the academic and theological vocabulary they need for their Westminster coursework. The vocabulary assigned will be drawn from our own analysis of first-year Westminster reading assignments.

Critical Thinking

This class will help students recognize, analyze, and use argumentation in a theological context. Students will learn to think critically about what they read and hear and to recognize sound and fallacious argumentation.


This class will help students to communicate more clearly with others and to become better listeners in conversations and course lectures.

Special Guest Lectures

Each week, an advanced degree student at Westminster will lecture on a theological topic. These lectures will give students a taste of the type and depth of subject matter they will encounter in their Westminster coursework.