Staying Focused

Keeping Focused While ReadingAimless reading is ineffective and time-consuming. To improve focus while reading, consider the following:


  • Decide what level of understanding you are seeking and approach your material accordingly (see Reading with a Goal). Failing to read with a clear purpose makes for an inefficient and disinterested reading experience.
  • Read with a pen or pencil in hand.  Underlining important words, marking important sections, and writing comments or questions in the margin are excellent ways to keep your mind engaged in a conversation with the author. 
  • If you are prone to sleepiness when reading, try reading at a desk in a well-lit area. Stay away from comfortable chairs or couches!
  • If you are prone to distraction, perhaps you should read alone at the library or another quiet place, instead of in front of the computer or with friends.
  • If you are prone to boredom, choose a comfortable, inviting location.  Allow yourself to take regular breaks to do something fun while you think about the material you have read.
  • Recognize that, while you may not personally find every subject engaging, few books are without significance. Don’t blame the author if you are not interested in his work.  Rather, reflect on the significance of the author’s subject and allow that reflection to renew your interest for reading.

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