Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation

Since 1968, the Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation (CCEF) has trained God’s people in biblical counseling, by exploringthe rich wisdom of Scripture and applying it to the complexities of human life. CCEF is closely affiliated with Westminster, situated across the street, and the Seminary's biblical counseling courses are taught by CCEF faculty. Tim Lane, CCEF's executive director, Ed Welch, David Powlison, Mike Emlet, and Winston Smith, are adjunct faculty at Westminster.

CCEF has four key ways of fulfilling its mission - “ Restoring Christ to Counseling and Counseling to the Church”:

  • The School of Biblical Counseling Offers certificate programs that train pastors, lay leaders and others, to counsel those who need help in their lives and relationships. Its four certificates are for those who have a heart for people, who know that God’s Word and God’s Spirit changes lives, and who see the church as the community God uses to support His work of change. For information on how coursework taken for these certificates can be transferred to Westminster's degree programs (noted below), see the "Transfer Credit" section of the Westminster catalog.
  • Counseling - CCEF offers a biblical counseling ministry on a daily basis for individuals and the local church.
  • Resources - Practical, biblically sound books and audio, including the Journal of Biblical Counseling, by CCEF authors and other counseling professionals, to equip God's people for the task of biblical counseling and daily living. Available through the Westminster Bookstore.
  • Teaching Conferences and Speaking Events Includes CCEF's National Conference held annually in various locations across the United States.

WTS offers the following degrees which offer specialization in counseling and include teaching by CCEF faculty: