Mentored Ministry

A biblical understanding of wisdom prevents us from separating knowing and doing, learning and practice. Wisdom unites the facets of knowledge, character, and skill. Mentored Ministry is designed to bring these facets of ministerial formation together under the supervision of an experienced mentor.The links you find here provide the essential materials that you will need to get started in your mentored ministry responsibilities as a student or a mentor.

The Mentored Ministry page on WTS Courses is where students can find all the essential materials for getting started in mentored ministry. There, you will also be able to upload required documents, receive feedback, and track your progress. The Guide for Students  is designed to give you an introduction to Mentored Ministry at Westminster, including requirements and step-by-step instructions to complete them.

The Guide for Mentors will help you understand the importance of the mentoring process. It also includes a step-by-step guide to mentoring a student in a ministry context. Mentors must complete a Mentor Commitment and Registration Form, which is available through your student mentor. Click here for more information on, and an application to join, the Teaching Churches Network, a growing network of churches committed to partner in preparing individuals for Kingdom service.

Be sure to check out our Jobs in Ministry, an online posting of ministry opportunities. Submit a job posting or search for open part-time and full-time ministry positions.

We encourage you to contact us directly with questions, comments, and suggestions for improvement! Semper reformanda!

Dr. Tim Witmer, Director

Mr. Justin Rainey, Administrative Assistant

Office of Mentored Ministry
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