Frequently Asked Questions

Graduation FAQs

I can’t make it to graduation. What should I do?

Westminster has a strong heritage of learning in community. Our commencement ceremony is a significant time in which this community comes together to send our graduates into the world to do the Lord’s work. Because of this, we wish for all graduates to be present at the ceremony.


However, if you will not be able to attend graduation, please complete the Request to Graduate in Absentia form. The deadline for absentia requests is Friday, March 17. Requests must be approved by the Faculty Academic Affairs Committee you will be notified by Academic Affairs if your request is approved.



Do I have to pay the commencement fee?


The fee is due whether or not you attend commencement. No portion of this fee is refundable for those who do not attend the commencement service or for those who purchase their own regalia. Diplomas and certificates are ordered only once a year. Late payment could mean you do not receive your diploma until the following year.


If you determine that you will not be graduating this year, the final date to let Academic Affairs know that you wish the Seminary to hold your commencement fee is Friday, March 17. If you do not notify Academic Affairs by this date, and do not graduate, you will forfeit the fee.



How can I tell my friends and family about my graduation?


Each graduate will receive five graduation announcements to send to family and friends, delivered to his or her student mailbox. If you need additional announcements, contact the Events Team by Friday, March 17.