1. Letter from the President

This catalog is a statement of the policies, personnel, programs, and financial arrangements of Westminster Theological Seminary as projected by the responsible authorities of the Seminary. The Seminary reserves the right to make alterations without prior notice, in accordance with the Seminary’s institutional needs and academic purposes.


From the PresidentLillback

I am delighted to introduce you to Westminster Theological Seminary! I trust that the following pages will provide the information you need to consider thoughtfully and prayerfully if God would have you study here at Westminster.

We are a thriving community of professors, students and administrators seeking to understand the meaning of Scripture and to apply it to all areas of life. That’s why we have three emphases.

  • First, we believe that Reformed theology, as defined by the Westminster Standards, most accurately represents the teachings of Scripture; therefore, we are boldly committed to historic, Reformed Christianity.
  • Second, proper interpretation of Scripture requires careful scholarship; therefore, we are deeply committed to academic excellence and a hermeneutic that is shaped by the historic reformation principle of Sola Scriptura, because the Scriptures are the infallible and inerrant Word of God. 
  • Third, genuine and effective gospel service requires a heart of love and devotion to Christ; therefore, we are passionately committed to spiritual formation.

With these emphases at the core, we offer a variety of degree programs to train men for ordained ministry, and men and women for gospel service. These programs emphasize the global reach of biblical truth.  Thus, our graduates serve all over the world as pastors, professors, missionaries, counselors, doctors, translators, writers, church planters, and in many other capacities. As a community we are grateful for the privilege of being used by God in the training of these men and women who have for 85 years been “extending the knowledge of the glory of God in Christ until that knowledge covers the earth as the waters cover the sea.”

I invite you to join our more than 600 current students from around the globe, as well as our more than 6,000 living alumni who are serving in over 50 countries. We would be honored to help prepare you for a life of Christian service to the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, Soli Deo Gloria! 

Peter A. Lillback