6.4.2 Degree Requirements

A total of at least 92 credit hours plus required Hebrew (OT 011-2-3) and Greek (NT 011-2-3) courses, is required for the M.Div. degree. 

6.4.2.a Mentored Ministry Requirements

A biblical understanding of wisdom prevents us from separating knowing and doing, learning and practice. Wisdom unites the facets of knowledge, character, and skill. It results from academic learning and practical experience when accompanied by supervision and self-examination. Candidates for the M.Div. degree are therefore required to participate in mentored field experience in ministry. All arrangements for Mentored Ministry requirements are handled through the Mentored Ministry Office. See the Mentored Ministry section of Westminster's website for all Mentored Ministry forms. 

6.4.2.a1 Requirements

The M.Div. academic curriculum (except for M.Div. Counseling) includes the required two-hour course, PT 111 Orientation to Ministry. This course introduces Mentored Ministry and is a prerequisite for any approved field experience.

The M.Div. student must participate in at least two integration seminars. These are semester-long weekly sessions of one hour each in which no more than 12 students meet with faculty to analyze and discuss the actual ministry experience of the participants. The seminars are offered each semester and are not assigned academic credit. However, each student must participate in two seminars to complete the requirements of Mentored Ministry.

The M.Div. candidate must complete four units of Mentored Ministry to qualify for the degree. The four units must be completed before the end of December in the academic year the student expects to graduate. Several formats are available. The units may be taken concurrently during the academic year, during summer, or as a year-long internship. It is strongly recommended that at least one unit be completed in a cultural setting different from the student’s own.


The Mentored Ministry Experience for M.Div. Counseling students will ordinarily occur in a counseling setting. It is strongly recommended that at least one unit be completed in a cultural setting different from the student’s own. A limited number of internships are available at CCEF each year. Although priority consideration for CCEF internships will be given, CCEF cannot guarantee counseling internships to each M.Div. Counseling student.

6.4.2.a3 CREDIT

One unit of Mentored Ministry credit is received for 100-120 hours of mentored field experience under an approved mentor. Units of Mentored Ministry are not assigned credit hours and no grades are given. Approval for any unit may be withheld by the Director of Mentored Ministry if ministry proposals are not fulfilled or if evaluations and other requirements are not completed by prescribed dates.

No credit may be given for ministry experience prior to matriculation at Westminster. Transfer credit for up to two units of Mentored Ministry may be given to students who transfer from other seminaries with approved programs of mentored field experience.

M.Div. candidates are strongly encouraged to take Evangelism Explosion training for one unit of credit in the Mentored Ministry program. One unit of credit in the program also can be given for successful completion of the Sonship course available through World Harvest Mission. Also, one credit unit can be received by serving on campus as a Mentored Ministry Partner to incoming international students. Upon completion, the student must submit a statement reflecting on the implications of this program for ministry in the church and in the world. The Mentored Ministry Office will seek to make such training opportunities accessible.

6.4.2.b Core Courses (for all tracks)

All M.Div. students must take the same core courses as follows:

AP 101 Introduction to Apologetics 3 hrs.
AP 213 Principles of Christian Apologetics 3 hrs.
CH 211 Ancient Church 2 hrs.
CH 223 Medieval Church 2 hrs.
CH 311 Reformation 3 hrs.
CH 321 Church in the Modern Age 4 hrs.
NT 101 General Introduction to the New Testament I 2 hrs.
NT 103 General Introduction to the New Testament II 1 hr.
NT 123 Biblical Hermeneutics: Old and New Testament 4 hrs.
NT 211 NT Interpretation: The Gospels 4 hrs.
NT 223 NT Interpretation: Acts & The Pauline Epistles 4 hrs.
NT 311 NT Interpretation: General Epistles & Revelation 2 hrs.
OT 113 Old Testament Introduction 3 hrs.
OT 211 Old Testament History & Theology I 3 hrs.
OT 223 Old Testament History & Theology II 3 hrs.
OT 311 Prophetical Books 3 hrs.
OT 323 Poetry & Wisdom 2 hrs.
PT 123 Gospel Communication 2 hrs.
PT/ST 211 Doctrine of the Church 4 hrs.
ST 101 Prolegomena to Theology 2 hrs.
ST 113 Doctrine of God 2 hrs.
ST 211 Doctrine of Man 2 hrs.
ST 223 Doctrine of Christ 3 hrs.
ST 313 Doctrine of Salvation 4 hrs.
ST 333 Christian Ethics 2 hrs.