7.6 Practical Theology

The Department of Practical Theology exists to apply biblical exegesis and theology in the formation of godly and competent practitioners who can minister God’s unchanging Word to our changing world.

To that end, the Practical Theology curriculum enables students:

  • To be faithful and effective preachers of God’s Word to the present generation
  • To shepherd the flock to which they have been called 
  • To minister the Word through biblical counseling 
  • To spread the good news of the kingdom of God in word and in deed in the task of evangelism and world missions 
  • To develop the realm of Christian education both within and without the church context 
  • To exercise gifts of leadership in various ministries 
  • To understand the church of Jesus Christ, its functions, its needs, and the variety of ministries into which leaders are called

Practical Theology faculty:

Professor Witmer, Dept. Coordinator
Professor Finlayson
Mrs. Altena, Mr. Brown, Mr. Currie, Mr. Ellis, Mr. Emlet, Mr. Finn, Ms. Freeman, Mr. Gornik, Mr. Greenway, Mr. Hall, Mr. Hobaugh, Mr. Keller, Mrs. Kim, Mr. Lane, Mrs. Langberg, Ms. Lowe, Mr. McDowell, Mr. Powlison, Mr. Rowe, Mr. Ryken, Mr. Sallade, Mr. Sarracino, Mr. Scott Smith, Mr. William Smith, Mr. Winston Smith, Mr. Welch 

Tim Witmer
Sandy Finlayson  


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