2.7.1 London Campus

2.7.1.a Academic Program

Westminster offers a Th.M.-level degree program in association with the John Owen Centre for Theological Study at London Theological Seminary.

The John Owen Centre was established by the Board of London Theological Seminary in 1999 to provide theological refreshment for pastors already serving churches. The purpose of this program is to increase the student’s knowledge of the Reformed and Puritan periods and theology, particularly through training and practice in the use of the methods and tools of theological research, and thus to further the student’s preparation for pastoral or teaching ministry, or for more advanced graduate study. It is aimed especially at theology graduates, ministers, and missionaries.

Credentials for admission to the program include an initial baccalaureate degree plus the M.Div. degree or its theological equivalent, and evidence of knowledge of both Hebrew and New Testament Greek, as well as one other language relevant to theological study (e.g., Dutch, French, German, or Latin). An examination in this chosen language must be passed before the program’s thesis can be submitted. While this program is open to all qualified students, it is primarily designed for United Kingdom and European pastors involved in full time ministry. Reflecting Westminster’s mission, a reduced tuition rate is available to UK and European citizens.  Please see London Program Tuition for tuition rates.

2.7.1.b Instruction

The program consists of six modules taught by visiting full-time and adjunct faculty members of Westminster. Five modules are normally offered in each calendar year. The modules normally meet for four or five consecutive days in January, March/April, June/July, August, and September.

2.7.1.c Facilities

Courses are conducted at London Theological Seminary in Finchley, North London under the auspices of the John Owen Centre. The college consists of a number of single study bedrooms, a launderette, a kitchen facility for making light refreshments, a dining room, lounge, recreation room, chapel, lecture rooms, and library rooms.

2.7.1.d Computer Facilities

The library offers personal computers for word processing and Wireless Internet access, and the bedrooms have Internet access points. Software programs for biblical and theological studies are available.

2.7.1.e Library

There are three library collections on site, including Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones’s personal library. They are well stocked with books covering Reformation, Puritan, and Nonconformist subjects. The vast resources of the Evangelical Library and Dr. Williams’s library are nearby.

2.7.1.f Housing

Residential accommodations, if required, are available (single study bedrooms) during the teaching weeks. Residence at the Centre at other times is also possible, subject to availability.

2.7.1.g Communication with the London Program

For further information, write directly to the London program at: The Registrar, John Owen Centre for Theological Study, LTS,104 Hendon Lane, London N3 3SQ, UK. Telephone: 020-8346 7587.

Email to: johnowen@ltslondon.org, noting “Master of Theology (Westminster Theological Seminary, USA) at JOC in the subject line.