Veterans: Retrieving the GI Bill

Veterans: Retrieving the GI Bill®

1. Inform yourself: Veterans may be eligible for both tuition and living stipend benefits. For information about the types of VA Benefits available, please see Benefit Comparison Tools.

2. Apply online: For specific information about eligibility and to apply online for VA benefits, please visit Department of Veterans Affairs GI Bill®

3. Present "Letter of Eligibility" to the Financial Aid Office at Westminster. (Once a veteran has applied and been found eligible, he/she will receive a "Letter of Eligibility" from the VA.) 

4. Be admitted: Once admitted to the seminary, you will be added to the VA system as a Westminster student. The Westminster Certifying Official will certify the number of credits taken online once you have enrolled for classes at the beginning of your first semester. Post 9-11 GI Bill® tuition benefits are paid directly to Westminster, while living expense funds are paid directly to the student. Other VA chapters may pay educational benefits directly to the student. If you have questions please contact Fiona Davenport, the VA Certifying Official at Westminster.