Registration Process & Self-Service

Recommended Registration Process & Self-Service

Before you register:

  • Compare your Unofficial Transcript (in Self-Service) and Academic Plan (in Self-Service) with the Degree Completion Worksheet for your degree program and, for MDiv, MAR and MAC students, with the appropriate Recommended Course Schedule Chart in the appropriate Academic Catalog.
  • Review the relevant course schedule(s) to determine which courses you wish to take.
  • DMin students in coursework phase only: Access the DMin Preview Module Guide in Courses to preview course syllabi and any additional information pertaining to the DMin modules being offered.
  • Review the Students' Privacy Rights.
  • Review the Tuition and Financial Information section of the appropriate Academic Catalog for tuition payment, fees, and tuition refund information.


  • All students: Register online via Self-Service. (Under Register>Traditional Courses). You must have access to your WTS student email.
  • ThM and PhD students: If you are in your post-coursework phase, please register for Post-Coursework Phase only. (In Self Service under Register >Traditional Courses > Section Search, type POST in the "Course Code" field.)
    *Post-coursework phase students are students in an advanced degree (ThM, PhD or DMin) who have completed all coursework requirements.

After you register:

  • Record of registration: Print out a copy of your completed registration for your records. (You will not receive a printed copy from the Registrar's Office.)
  • Tuition: Except for London ThM, registration is finalized by submitting tuition payment to the Finance Office. For the London ThM, payment is submitted to the John Owen Centre.

Need Help with Self-Service?

SP15: Feb 2 - 11