Registration Form, ThM Historical Theology-London

Summer 2014 Module

Registration Instructions:

  1. Review your Unofficial Transcript in Self-Service.
  2. Submit this completed form to the Registrar's Office via mail, email, fax or in-person (see below) before the registration deadline.

Section 1

Full Name: _______________________________________________  Student ID:________________________

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Section 2 Student Status (choose only one):

_____ I am a new student.  This term will be my first in the ThM- Historical Theology (London) program. 
_____ I have taken one or more modules.

Section 3 - Summer 2014 Module (choose only one):

_____ I am registering for the Summer 2014 module indicated below.
_____ I have chosen not to register for the Summer 2014 module indicated below.*

* I understand that I should complete all required modules within three years of initial matriculation.

Registration Deadline
Late Registration
& Fee  Deadline
Post Modular
Coursework Deadline**
ST 761L - Topics in the Doctrine of Man
Jun 30 - Jul 4
May 19
Jun 9
Aug 29

**Post-modular coursework deadline is also the deadline to submit an Incomplete Request and/or Course Withdrawal Request.  For details and instructions about submitting an Incomplete Request and withdrawing from a course, please see the appropriate Degree Program Section of the catalog.

Section 4 - Expected Graduation Year:   I expect to graduate in May 20_____.

Section 5 - Student Privacy Rights

I have read the Annual Notification of Privacy Rights under FERPA.   Yes _____     No _____

I am submitting a Request to Withhold Directory Information.            Yes _____     No _____

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