New Student Registration Form - ThM/PhD Only

 Spring 2013

 Registration Instructions:

  1. Review the 5.2.1.a Annual Notification of Rights under FERPA information.
  2. Review the Degree Completion Worksheet for your degree program and the catalog section of your degree program to determine the course(s) you need to take. 
  3. Complete sections 1-2 and 5-7. Complete Sections 3 & 4 if applicable.
  4. Submit this completed form during your registration appointment. (You should have signed up for a registration appointment during New Student Orientation.)

Section 1

Full Name: _______________________________________________  Student ID:________________________

Full Mailing Address: __________________________________________________________________________

WTS Email:**  Phone (primary contact):_______________________

Program/Concentration (check what applies):

_____  ThM - Biblical Studies _____  OT _____  NT  
_____  ThM - Theological Studies _____  AP _____  CH _____  ST
_____  PhD - Hermeneutics & Biblical Interpretation     _____  OT _____  NT
_____  PhD - Historical & Theological Studies _____  AP 
_____  CH _____  ST


Section 2 - Spring 2013 Courses  (please see Section 7 notes)


Updated as of February 8th,2013

AP 883The Problem of Knowledge & Christianity111:05-1:00 pmThCraigOliphint
AP 923The Apologetics of CS Lewis12:05-4:00 pmTCraigPark
CH 863Scottish Presbyterianism18:30-10:25 amTYoungTrueman
NT 763The Acts of the Apostles111:05-1:00 pmThYoungCrowe
NT 793Readngs in Lit of Post-Bibl Judaism, Pt2112:00-12:05 amDirect Rdg Beale
NT 921Readings in N.T. Intro & Theol112:00-12:05 amDirect Rdg Crowe
NT 993Hermeneutical Foundations111:05-1:00 pmTCraigPoythress
OT 753Ugaritic II11:15-4:45 pmTStonehouseGreen
OT 803Bible Translation12:05-4:00 pmThYoungPutnam
OT 981Readings in O.T. Intro & Theol112:00-12:05 amDirect Rdg Kelly
ST 773Studies in Historical Theology II18:30-10:25 amThCraigTipton

Advisor Approval (Required of all new PhD/ThM students)

 _______________ ________________________________________________  _______________
Advisor Initials Advisor Signature Date

Section 3 - Independent Study Course(s)Students wishing to take an independent study course must submit an Independent Study Request form to the Registrar's Office during the Registration period. 

Section 4 - External Course(s): (PhD - Historical & Theological students only)

Course(s) to be taken at another accredited seminary or university.  Student must submit an External Course Request form. 

Section 5 - Expected Graduation Year:   I expect to graduate in May 20_____.

Section 6 - Student Privacy Rights

I have read the Annual Notification of Privacy Rights under FERPA.   Yes _____    No _____

I am submitting a Request to Withhold Directory Information.             Yes _____    No _____

Student's Signature:__________________________________________   Date:____________________ 

Section 7 - Other Information:

  • I am a J1/F1 VISA student (Please see note 2 below): yes ____   no ____
  • I have been awarded a Westminster Scholarship: yes ____   no ____
  • I have applied/will apply for a loan for the upcoming semester: yes ____   no____


  1. Check all course descriptions for limitations.
  2. International Students on VISA must be full time:  During coursework phase, full time is defined as three courses per semester.  After coursework phase, full time is defined as the first semester after all coursework is completed through the sixth year in the program (PhD) and the first semester after all coursework is completed through the second year in program (ThM).  Per the catalog, if the student has transferred from the ThM to the PhD or from the PhD to the ThM, the date of the student's matriculation into the initial program will be used to determine the number of years in the program. (See Sections 6.8.2.f and 6.11.3.a of the 2012-2013 catalog.)

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