New Student Registration Form - Masters Level

Fall 2013

Registration Instructions:

  1. Review the 5.2.1.a Annual Notification of Rights under FERPA information.
  2. All new M.Div., M.A.R., M.A.C., and M.A.U.M. students are required to take the English Bible Assessment (EBA) prior to their registration appointment.  The EBA will be available online (via Kees) from July 30th to 10pm on August 28th. 
  3. Review the Degree Completion Worksheet for your degree program and the Degree Requirements and Sample Schedules for your program (available in the online catalog) to determine which course(s) you need to take.  Please note: the WTS sample schedules place the courses in proper order, according to the term offered and the prerequisites needed. Students should consult their advisor and the Registrar's Office before deviating from these sample schedules.
  4. Submit this completed form, filling out all sections, to the Registrar's Office, during your registration appointment.

Section 1

Full Name: _______________________________________________  Student ID:________________________

Full Mailing Address: __________________________________________________________________________

Program:__________________________________  Emphasis: ________________________________________

WTS Email:**   Phone (primary contact):_______________________


Section 2:  English Bible Assessment:   I have completed the English Bible Assessment test:  Yes _____  No _____

Section 3:  Financial/VISA Information: (Please check all that apply.)

  • I have been awarded a Westminster Scholarship: yes ____   no ____
  • I am a J/F VISA student (Please see Note 2 below): yes ____   no ____
  • I have applied/will apply for a loan for the upcoming semester: yes ____   no ____

Section 4 - Expected Graduation Year
I expect to study…

                â–¡ Full-time, completing my degree in May, 2015 (MAC/MAUM, MAR-2 yr)

                â–¡ Full-time, completing my degree in May, 2016 (MAR-3 yr, MDiv-3yr)

                â–¡ Full-time, completing my degree in May, 2017 (MDiv-4yr)

                â–¡ Part-time, completing my degree in May, 20____

                   (Per the catalog, maximum length for MDiv, MAR & MAC/MAUM programs is 10 years.)

Section 5 - Fall 2013 Courses (please see Section 6 notes)


Updated October 18th, 2013

AP 101 S1Introduction to Apologetics38:30-10:25 am
8:30-9:25 am
AP 101 S2Introduction to Apologetics36:05-9:00 pmTh2Oliphint
AP 101 SDE01Introduction to Apologetics312:01-12:02 amDistanceEd Shannon
AP 566Theodicy28:30-10:25 amThCraigEdgar
AP 591 S1Jacques Ellul as an Apologist311:05-1:00 pmThYoungEdgar
AP 591 S2Jacques Ellul as an Apologist3   Edgar
AP 631 S1Philosophy for Theologians28:30-10:25 amTCraigOliphint
AP 631 S2Philosophy for Theologians2    
CH 131Survey of Church History32:05-5:00 pmT2Jue
CH 211The Ancient Church211:05-1:00 pmThRustTrueman
CH 311The Reformation32:05-3:00 pm
1:05-3:00 pm
CH 321The Church in the Modern Age48:30-10:25 amTh F3Jue
NT 011aa S1New Testament Greek 1aa42:05-4:00 pmM Th2Goodman
NT 011aa S2New Testament Greek 1aa42:05-4:00 pmM Th5Szerlip
NT 011aa S3New Testament Greek 1aa42:05-4:00 pmM Th4Istrate
NT 012aNew Testament Greek 2a32:05-3:30 pmM Th1Dudreck
NT 101General Intro to the N.T. I28:30-10:25 amThRustCrowe
NT 211NT Interpretation: The Gospels42:05-4:00 pm
11:05-1:00 pm
NT 311NT Interp. Genl Epistles & Rev28:30-10:25 amW1Crowe/Poythress
NT 581Theology of Hebrews211:05-1:00 pmTh3Tipton
OT 011 S1Biblical Hebrew 1a38:30-9:25 am
12:05-1:00 pm
OT 011 S2Biblical Hebrew 1a39:30-10:25 am
2:05-3:00 pm
OT 011 S1LABBiblical Hebrew 1a 8:30-9:25 amF5Groves
OT 011 S2LABBiblical Hebrew 1a 9:30-10:25 amF5Groves
OT 011 S3LABBiblical Hebrew 1a 11:05-12:00 pmF5Groves
OT 011 S4LABBiblical Hebrew 1a 12:05-1:00 pmF5Groves
OT 013Biblical Hebrew 3a39:30-10:25 amM W F2Fantuzzo
OT 131Biblical Theology I36:05-9:00 pmM1Green
OT 141Old Testament for Ministry36:05-9:30 pmW1Kelly
OT 211O.T. History & Theology I39:30-10:25 am
8:30-10:25 am
OT 311Prophetical Books311:05-1:00 pm
12:05-1:00 pm
OT 461Biblical & Inscriptional Aramaic211:05-1:00 pmT4Green
OT 561The Suffering Servant22:05-4:00 pmTCraigFantuzzo
PT 021P S1Ment. Min. Integration Seminar 1:05-2:00 pmTYoungWitmer
PT 021P S2Ment. Min. Integration Seminar 12:05-1:00 pmWYoungWitmer
PT 021P S3Ment. Min. Integration Seminar 1:05-2:00 pmWYoungWitmer
PT 021P S4Ment. Min. Integration Seminar 1:05-2:00 pmThYoung 
PT 031PAdvanced Theological Writing I 4:05-6:00 pmTh2Altena
PT 031PAdvanced Theological Writing I 12:01-12:02 amDistanceEd Altena
PT 111Orientation to Ministerial Formation22:05-4:00 pmT1Witmer
PT 221 S1Expository Skills & Evaluation211:05-1:00 pmM5Goligher
PT 221 S2Expository Skills & Evaluation211:05-1:00 pmM4Leonard
PT 221 S3Expository Skills & Evaluation21:05-3:00 pmT4Sallade
PT 311Church Dynamics & Pastoral Practice211:05-1:00 pmTh1Witmer
PT 421Theological Biblio & Research Method14:05-5:00 pmTCraigFinlayson
PT 471Illustrating Biblical Truth12:05-3:00 pmWCraigWitmer
PT/ST 211Doctrine of the Church43:05-5:00 pmT W3Garner/Leonard
PTC 151Dynamics of Biblical Change35:00-5:00 pmSEE BELOW3Groves/Powlison
PTC 221Counseling & Physiology23:05-5:00 pmM3Emlet
PTC 251Marriage Counseling36:05-9:00 pmM3Smith
PTC 261Human Personality35:00-5:00 pmSEE BELOW3Stryd/Welch
PTC 371P S1Counseling Observation26:05-8:00 pmT3Lowe
PTC 371P S2Counseling Observation26:05-8:00 pmTh4Andrews
PTC 591PCCEF National Conference112:01-12:02 amSEE BELOW Staff
PTM 151Mission to the City211:05-1:00 pmTh5Sarracino
PTM 171Mission Anthropology211:05-1:00 pmF4Leonard
PTM 671-2Urban Mission Seminar11:05-2:00 pmT6/DillardLeonard
ST 101 S1Prolegomena to Theology211:05-1:00 pmM1Garner
ST 101 S2Prolegomena to Theology26:05-8:00 pmM2Garner
ST 131Survey of Reformed Theology36:05-9:00 pmT1Tipton
ST 131Survey of Reformed Theology312:01-12:02 amDistanceEd Tipton
ST 211Doctrine of Man211:05-1:00 pmT3Garner
ST 644The Philosophical Theol of Thom Aquinas211:05-1:00 pmTCraigOliphint
SUM EVALSummative Evaluation Experience112:01-12:02 amSEE BELOW Cordner

Additional Course Schedule Details:

PTC 151 - Dynamics of Biblical Change: The "on-campus" portion of this hybrid course is scheduled for the following dates:
1st Weekend: Fri, Sept 27: 5:00pm to 9:00pm; Sat, Sept 28: 9:00am to 5:00pm
2nd Weekend: Fri, Nov 8: 5:00pm to 9:00pm; Sat, Nov 9: 9:00am to 5:00pm

PTC 261 - Human Personality: The "on-campus" portion of this hybrid course is scheduled for the following dates:
1st Weekend: Fri, Oct 4: 5:00pm to 9:00pm; Sat, Oct 5: 9:00am to 5:00pm
2nd Weekend: Fri, Nov 1: 5:00pm to 9:00pm; Sat, Nov 2: 9:00am to 5:00pm

PTC 591P - CCEF Conference: The CCEF conference is scheduled for October 11-13 in Frisco, TX. More information coming soon!

SUM EVAL - Summative Evaluation Experience: The Summative Evaluation Experience is scheduled for October 20 & 21

Section 6 - Student Privacy Rights Notice

I have read the Annual Notification of Privacy Rights under FERPA.   Yes _____     No _____

I am submitting a Request to Withhold Directory Information.            Yes _____     No _____

Section 7 - Advisor Information:

Advisor's name & appt (date/time): ________________________________________________________.

Student's Signature:__________________________________________   Date:____________________


  1. Check all course descriptions for limitations.
  2. Per catalog Section 5.1.2, students on a J or F VISA must study on a full-time basis (12 or more credits in both the fall and winter/spring semesters), with the maximum number of semesters of study per degree as follows: MAC/MAUM - 4, MAR – 6; MDiv - 8.

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