Exam Schedule - Spring 2010

Schedule of Examinations for the Spring Semester 2009-2010 

as of February 1, 2010

TimeThursday, May 13Room
9:00amOT 323 Poetry & Wisdom
OT 113 OT Introduction
2:00pmPTC 243 Theo. & Sec. Psychology3
6:30 - 9:30pmNT 133 Biblical Theology II3


TimeFriday, May 14Room
9:00amOT 223 OTHT II
OT 012 Hebrew 2a
OT 013 Hebrew 3a
2:00pmST 313 Doctrine of Salvation3


TimeMonday, May 17Room
9:00amST 323 Christian Ethics1
2:00pmNT 013 Greek 3a
NT 023 S1 Greek 3aa
NT 023 S2 Greek 3aa
NT 033 Greek 2b


TimeTuesday, May 18Room
9:00amST 113 Doctrine of God3
2:00pmNT 143 NT for Ministry
NT 223 Acts & Paul


TimeWednesday, May 19Room
9:00amAP 213 Christian Apologetics
PT 343 Mission of the Church
2:00pmPT 031P & 033P Adv. Theo. Writing I & IIYoung


TimeThursday, May 20Room
9:00amST 223 Doctrine of Christ1


TimeFriday, May 21Room
9:00amNT 123 Hermeneutics
CH 223 Medieval Church


Please Note:  All examinations must be completed by the last day of the exam period
OR an Incomplete Request Form must be submitted to the Registrar's Office (by April 30th deadline).

Students who must take an exam at a time other than the scheduled time but within the examination period must do the following:

  1. Submit a Request to Reschedule Final Exam Form to the Student Affairs Office at least ten days prior to the first day of the exam period. (Forms are available in the rack outside the office Student Affairs Office located in Machen or by contacting Lynette English, WTSstudentaffairs@wts.edu).
  2. Secure initial approval of the Dean of Students, then the approval of the professor.
  3. Approvals must be secured one week prior to the beginning of the exam period.

Students must abide by the institutional honor code policy during examinations and sign the following pledge:  I pledge my honor that I have neither given nor received any assistance--verbal, written, or electronic---on this examination beyond that specifically permitted by the instructor in charge.

In its discussions related to the Honor System in the spring of 1993 the faculty decided to change its policy with regard to allowing extra time on final examinations for students whose native language is not English. Instead of allowing extra time for such students, professors would seek to compensate for language difficulty in other ways that would be appropriate for their particular courses.  Students with questions about this policy should see their individual professors or the Academic Dean or the Dean of Students.