Tuition Policy and Guidelines

Payment Deadlines      Installment Payment Plans     Government Loans

Westminster Scholarships     Outstanding Financial Obligations

All charges (including tuition, room charges, health insurance premiums, and other fees) are due and payable at the beginning of each respective semester or term.  Please see Tuition Payments for specific payment dates.

Payment Deadlines:

A student’s registration is fully finalized upon payment of tuition.  Students who are not able to pay tuition and fees by the last day of the drop/add period will be withdrawn from the Seminary, unless satisfactory arrangements for payment have been made with the Finance Office.  The drop/add deadlines for each semester may be found in the  Academic Calendar

Installment Payment Plans:

Students who are enrolled for at least seven credit hours per semester may request an installment payment plan for that semester’s tuition charges, subject to the following limitations:

  • Room charges, health insurance premiums and student fees are not eligible for installment payments and must be paid in full at the begining of the semester.
  • If approved, a payment of a minimum of 50% of the tuition is to be paid by the drop/add deadline and the execution of a promissory note confirming the students’ financial obligations.
  • Installment payments are available for the fall and spring semesters only.
  • International Students – Consistent with the terms of their student visas and their underlying affidavits of support, international students (on F1 or J1 visa status) are not eligible to pay their tuition in installment.
  • All students whose only courses are Distance Education, Independent Studies or courses through the Institute of Theological Studies are not eligible for Installment plans and must provide payment information time of registration for the course.

Government Loans:

If utilizing this option to pay tuition, please note that the loan must be approved before the first day of the semester or term.  Direct and Graduate PLUS loans are approved in the form of a letter from the Financial Aid Office.  Those students who have applied for a government loan and have not received written approval before the first day of the semester or term will be required to pay their tuition and fees in full or to pay their tuition via an installment payment plan according to the terms outlined above. For more information see Government Loans.

Westminster Scholarships:

Students who have been awarded a Westminster scholarship will see their scholarship amounts shown as “anticipated aid” on their account.  If a student loses scholarship eligibility during the semester for any reason, the balance owed for tuition and fees will be calculated and payable upon receipt of statement.

Outstanding Financial Obligations:

Students are strongly encouraged to abide by the terms of their promissory notes.  A Financial Hold shall be placed on the record of any student with a payment to the Seminary outstanding after the due dates contained in the promissory note, or if the student has any other unpaid financial obligations to the Seminary (including the library).  That student shall not be permitted to register for a subsequent semester, to receive grade reports, to have transcripts sent, or to receive a diploma.

If the account balance has not been paid in full by the conclusion of the semester/term, the student will be withdrawn from his or her program and will not be allowed to be reinstated until all outstanding payments have been made.


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