M.Div Ministry Grant

Type of Award: Up to 50% of tuition of a fixed 12-credit course load for Fall and Spring semesters only, for a maximum total award of 50% of tuition for 24 credits per academic year.

Eligibility requirements: Full-time MDiv students who meet one of the following criteria:

  • "Under care" status, defined as "under the care of a NAPARC presbytery as a candidate for ordained ministry."* (For a current listing of NAPARC churches, see http://www.naparc.org/member-churches/.)

  • NEW "Mentored" status, defined as equivalent to under care* (see OPC under care definition for clarification) in a reformed confessional church/denomination which is not listed among the NAPARC churches,** available to students who actively serve in such a church within a commutable distance to Westminster. 

    ** Preference given to students from the following denominations: Reformed Episcopal, Reformed Baptist and Sovereign Grace.  For students who serve in an independent church, please provide the “articles or confession of faith(s)” and/or a “statement of faith” to which the church adheres (to be included in the mentor letter – see step by step instructions link below under To Apply). 
  • An American minority (African American, Hispanic American, American Indian, or Alaska Native) student being developed for church leadership

Award period: One academic year only.  Award recipients must reapply each academic year.

Award requirements: Maintain full-time status*** and minimum GPA of 2.5 throughout award period. For "Under care" and "Mentored" status students: You are required to take PT221 and one of the following: PT311, PT332, PT343 or PT373, during the course of your study.

*** Note - for students who are transferring from or attending Reformed Episcopal Seminary concurrently with Westminster, an exception to the full time enrollment status requirement is permitted.  Students who are enrolled three-quarter time (9-11 credits/semester) at Westminster but meet all other eligibility requirements, will be eligible for a maximum award amount of up to 5 credits/semester.  Students who are also otherwise eligible but enrolled half-time (6-8 credits/semester) at Westminster, will be eligible for a maximum award amount of 3 credits/semester.  To be eligible for this exception students need to have transferred credits from RES or provide proof of current enrollment at RES.

* Note - MDiv Ministry Provisional Grant:

is awarded to students who are in the process of coming under care or mentored status.  Pending the receipt of the "under care/mentored" letter, students are placed on a provisional status for the MDiv Ministry Grant. If the Financial Aid Office receives the "Under care/Mentored" letter by the first Friday of the first week of Fall classes, the student's status will be revised and they will be awarded an M.Div Ministry Grant for the Fall and Spring semesters. If the "Under care/Mentored" letter is received after the first Friday of the first week of Fall classes but before the first Friday of the first week of Spring classes, their status and  grant will be revised for the Spring semester only.  If the letter is received after the first Friday of the first week of Spring classes, the status and grant will not be revised.


Follow the step-by-step instructions for US/Canadian Grant and Scholarship Applicants (being sure to answer questions 22-25 on the Westminster Financial Aid Application).