International Grant (non-Canadian Students)

Type of Award: Full tuition grant (including tuition fees) or
                          50% of tuition grant of a fixed 12-credit course load for Fall and Spring semesters only,
                          for a maximum total award of 50% of tuition for 24 credits per academic year.

Eligibility requirements: Full-time international (non-Canadian) students in the MDiv, MAR and MA programs.

Award period: One academic year only.  Award recipients must reapply each academic year.

Award requirements:  

  • Maintain full-time status and minimum GPA of 2.5 throughout award period.
  • Awarded students are required to write a Thank you/Progress letter to the Scholarship/Grant Committee during the academic year of award, due April 1. Click HERE to review the standard format for this letter.


Follow the step-by-step instructions for International Grant and Scholarship Applicants.