D.Min. Church Match Grant

Type of Award: Non-need based.  Matching grant in which Westminster matches the financial support of a student's sending church or denominational organization up to 33% of tuition costs (not including continuation fees).

Number of Awards: A maximum of thirty (30) D.Min. students may hold this award at any given time.

Eligibility requirements: New student for the 2017-18 year, enrolled in the DMin program. Church support.

Award period: Once academic year only. Once awarded and accepted, grant recipient is required to submit an Application for Church Match (see below for a link to the form) each successive academic year.

Award requirements: Maintain enrollment in DMin program and minimum GPA of 3.0 throughout award period.

  1. Complete the Application for Church Match grant and submit to the Financial Aid Office.

  2. Provide the church/denominational organization support check to the Financial Aid Office, via mail or in person when beginning the DMin program.

  3. A Church Match award letter will be issued to student and the Finance Office at Westminster.