Grant and Scholarship Deadlines


Grant and Scholarship Application Deadlines:

(for the following academic year unless otherwise noted)

U.S. and Canadian Applicants
April 1  

July 15 - "Late Admission" for new students admitted after
                       March 1, who missed the April 15 deadline (Church Partnership,
                       MDiv Ministry and General grants only)
  October 31 - "Spring Semester Only" grants (MDiv Ministry 
                                      and General Masters grants only)

  Late and Spring Semester awards are subject to availability.

International (Non-Canadian) Applicants
April 15

 Spouse Grant Applicants
June 1

October 31 - "Spring Semester Only" grants. Awards are subject
                               to availability.

  Applications from students whose marriages occur after the deadline but
  before the start of the semester or term will be considered.

Awarding of Grants and Scholarships:

Awards for the following academic year will be made no earlier than four to six weeks after the application deadline. Applicants will be notified by letter whether or not they have been awarded a grant or scholarship. Except for rare cases, each student is awarded only one scholarship or grant.