D.Min. Grant

Type of Award: Competitive, merit-based (not need-based), full- or partial-tuition grant.
                          There is no application as this scholarship is awarded by invitation only.

Number of Awards: A maximum of two (2) D.Min. students may hold this award at any given time (one for tuition and one continuation fee award).

Eligibility requirements: Enrolled in the DMin program.

Award period: Once academic year only. Once awarded and accepted, grant recipient is required to submit a Statement of Intent form (see below for a link to the form) each successive academic year.

Award requirements: Maintain enrollment in DMin program and minimum GPA of 3.0 throughout award period.

Current recipients of the D.Min. grant: Deadline to submit a Statement of Intent form is February 1st. To download the Statement of Intent form, please click Statement of Intent Form.


There is no application for the DMin grant, as it is awarded by invitation only. For more information about advanced degree grants and scholarships please see our Catalog