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General Information

Understanding that students might be prevented from receiving a theological education for financial reasons, the Seminary offers grants and scholarships that are based on financial need. The Seminary also offers some grants and scholarships that are merit-based. Grants and scholarships awarded by Westminster cover tuition only, unless otherwise indicated.

Although scholarships are provided by the generosity of donors, grants act as tuition assistance due to their unfunded nature. 

Most grants and scholarships are awarded for a one-year period.* All students who have been awarded a grant or scholarship must reapply for this financial aid for each successive year of enrollment.

Eligibility to apply for Grants and Scholarships:
  1. U.S./Canadian MAR/MDiv Students: Applicants must be enrolled full-time, except for a few Special Grants and "Named" Scholarships.
  2. International MAR/MDiv Students: Applicants must be enrolled full-time. Note: Students admitted to the MTE program are not eligible to apply for an international grant or scholarship.
  3. Spouse Grants: Applicants can be enrolled part-time. Applicants must be spouses of full-time students in the MDiv program. Spouses of full-time students in other non-advanced degree programs may be considered. Applicants must be enrolled in the MDiv, MAR, or Certificate programs.
  4. Advanced Degrees:
    • ThM/PhD Students: The PhD grant is awarded by invitation only. Therefore applications for a PhD grant will not be accepted. There is no ThM grant. There are a few "Named" Scholarships for which ThM & PhD students may apply.
    • DMin Students: The DMin grant is awarded by invitation only. Therefore applications for a DMin grant will not be accepted. DMin
      students are not eligible for "Named" Scholarships.
  5. Satisfactory Academic Progress Requirements: ThM/PhD grant students: 3.00 GPA. All other grant/scholarship students: 2.50 GPA and 75% completion rate (unless the grant or scholarship indicates otherwise). See the Financial Aid section of the Catalog for more details.
  6. Non-Defaulted Loan Status of any previous educational loans.  (Visit NSLDS to check Stafford loan status.)

Please note: Other eligibility requirements that may apply are listed on the specific webpage for each grant or scholarship listed in on the US/Canadian,  International, Spouse and Advanced degree tabs above. If any eligibility requirement is not maintained, the student may lose his or her grant or scholarship.

Awarding of Grants and Scholarships:

Awards for the following academic year will be made no earlier than four to six weeks after the application deadline. Applicants will be notified by letter whether or not they have been awarded a grant or scholarship. Except for rare cases, each student is awarded only one scholarship or grant.

For more detailed information, please refer to the current CATALOG.