Loan Deferment

Government Loans (Stafford and PLUS)

The repayment of all FFELP (Federal Family Education Loan Program), FDSLP (Federal Direct Student Loan Program) and Perkins loans may be deferred if a student is enrolled at an eligible institution at least half time with the purpose of gaining a degree or certificate.  An eligible institution of higher education is one that has been approved by the US Department of Education. For a detailed description of Westminster's enrollment status criteria, please refer to the Enrollment Status Chart in the Financial Aid section of the Academic Catalog.

Deferment forms can only be completed for the current semester or previous semesters where the student was enrolled.  The enrollment status of a student in a future semester can not be certified on a deferment form.

To defer a particular government (FFELP or Direct) loan, please:
Print the  FFELP and Direct Loan deferment form
•  Complete the borrower sections and the section indicating where the form should be sent (usually this will be the loan servicer*).   
•  Submit the form to the Financial Aid Office (via mail, fax or in-person). 

The Financial Aid Office will:
  Complete the Authorizing Official's Certification section of the deferment form
  Fax or mail the form to the appropriate location indicated on the form
Add you to Westminster’s enrollment monitoring list on the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) where your enrollment status will be updated every two months.  This permits your loan servicer to monitor your enrollment status so that your loans remain deferred.

Note: For Parent PLUS loans provided to undergraduate students please use this form: Parent PLUS Loan

*If you are not sure who is servicing your loan, you may access this information by logging on to the NSLDS website using your FAFSA pin.  Other information you can access in NSLDS is your loan history, loan status (deferred, in repayment, in grace) and any outstanding balances on the loan.

Perkins Loans

Please note that for Perkins Loans deferment, forms need to be completed each semester. Since the deferment forms for Perkins loans vary, please contact the financial aid office of the institution through which your loan was provided, for the proper deferment form/procedures and the loan servicer.

Private (Bank) Loans

Many private student loans may also qualify for deferment, if a student is enrolled in a program of study.  Please check with the bank that holds your private loan for detailed deferment eligibility criteria, and the requisite forms to submit.