US/Canadian Grant and Scholarship Applicants

Step-by-Step Instructions

Attention Prospective Students! Please submit your application for admission to Westminster to the Admissions Office prior to or at the same time as your application for financial aid.

Step 1

Complete FAFSA (for U.S. citizens and permanent residents): Complete the "Free Application for Federal Student Aid" (FAFSA) available HERE. The FAFSA submission deadline is the same as for the scholarship/grant application. Westminster's ID for reporting purposes is G03393.

 Note: The FAFSA takes two days to process and be sent to Westminster.  It is used to create your record in the 2016-17 year so that you may have access to the online application on the WTS Portal.  Once you have access you will be emailed by the Financial Aid Office.

Canadian students: Obtain and submit a T4 Statement of Renumeration paid (slip).

Step 2

Submit tax information (for U.S. citizens and permanent residents): 

  1. Electronically transfer your current year Federal Tax Return information to FAFSA, using the IRS Data Retrieval Tool, OR
  2. Submit a Tax Return Transcript obtainable from the Internal Revenue Service's "Get Transcript" web-page. (An "Online" transcript is available).

If you did not file taxes, complete the Non-Tax Filer Worksheet.

Note to tax-filers: If you file taxes online, it takes just over a week for your information to be made available to FAFSA or retrievable on the IRS "Get Transcript" web-page.  If you file taxes by mail, it takes four (4) to six (6) weeks for your information to be made available to FAFSA and the "Get Transcript" web-page.  Please plan accordingly in advance so that your tax information and FAFSA are submitted by the scholarship deadline.

Step 3

Complete the Westminster Financial Aid Application for US/Canadian Students, now available on our portal. Make sure to indicate the name(s) of all scholarships and/or grants for which you are applying. Except for rare circumstances, only one scholarship or grant is awarded to recipients.

New US and Canadian students must email to request access to the portal.

Step 4

M.Div. Ministry Grant: Attach to your application:

1) For "Under care" students: A letter from the stated clerk of the presbytery or classis official (of a NAPARC church) stating that you have come under care as a candidate for ordained ministry. Only provide when applying for the first time. See Note A below.

2)  For "Mentored"  students: A letter from a pastor or church governing body of the reformed confessional church which has agreed to mentor you in a way that is equivalent to an "under care" status.  Please include, for review of eligibility, the "articles or confession of faith(s)" and/or a "statement of faith" to which the church adheres, if the church isn't part of one of the denominations indicated. Please provide a mentored letter each year application submitted. See Note A below.

3 ) For American Minority students: A letter from a pastor stating that you are being developed for church leadership. Only provide when applying for the first time. See Note A below.

Note A: Letters should be signed and on formal letterhead. If your under care, mentored or development status will take place by the start of the Fall semester, this must be indicated in your application and the required letter must be submitted by the start of the Fall semester.

Special Grants and "Named" Scholarship Applicants:

Attach any additional materials required by the scholarship or grant for which you are applying. (Additional materials, if required, are listed in the online description of the scholarship/grant. Official letters should be on formal letterhead.)

Step 5

Required materials not available for on-line submission may be submitted as a PDF file and emailed to or mailed to the address below:

Financial Aid Office 
Westminster Theological Seminary
P.O. Box 27009
Philadelphia, PA 19118

*For FedEx or UPS packages please send to:
Financial Aid Office
Westminster Theological Seminary
2960 W. Church Road
Glenside, PA 19038

Alternatively, these documents may be faxed to (215) 887-5404.