Winter 2018


 The Course Schedule is subject to change.


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MLK Holiday: The seminary will be closed on January 15 in observance of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day holiday.  

Postcoursework submission deadline: is April 12th for all advanced degree courses.

Final Exams: NT 012aa and OT 012 final exams will be held on February 1st, except for NT 012aa section 2 (Giacobbe), which will be held on 1/31.

PT 363 exam will be available online from January 29th to February 1st. The exam is 2hrs. 

PT 363: Can substitute PTC 522 - Counseling in the Local Church for this academic year only.

PM 4: MDiv students who meet the requirements may take this course as an elective.

Textbook information: The WTS Bookstore lists required textbooks for each course on its textbooks webpages at Inquiries about the status of a particular course's required textbook list should be directed to


  1. Add/Drop and Withdrawals are in-person only.
  2. If a student is adding a course, the student must attend the first class of that course.
  3. WD is the final day to withdraw from the course.

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