New Book by Sandy Finlayson

February 08, 2015

Thomas Chalmers (Bitesize Biography Series)

Sandy Finlayson, professor of theological bibliography and director of library services, recently wrote a biography on Thomas Chalmers for the Bitesize Biographies Series.

Order a copy from Westminster Bookstore or, and listen to an interview between Mr. Finlayson, his wife, Linda, and the Mortification of Spin team.

Publisher's Description: Thomas Chalmers (1780-1847) was the first Moderator of the Free Church of Scotland s General Assembly and much, much more. He dominated the history of the Scottish Church in the mid-19th Century and his influence was felt much further afield,through his visionary thinking, writing and leadership. He was passionate about the proclamation of the gospel to the people of Scotland and through missionary work, to the rest of the world. He was a highly acclaimed pastor, theologian, church leader and social reformer. Called by Thomas Carlyle the chief Scottish man of his time, he was also a controversial figure who has attracted both praise and criticism. This book looks at his life in the context of his times and also seeks to draw lessons from his life for the church today. All Christians pray Thy Kingdom Come. In reading the life of Thomas Chalmers, we see the impact of one man s passionate belief that God s will would be done on earth as it is in heaven.