Theological Writing and Reading Tutorials

Becoming a Theological Writer introduces you to the genres of theological writing you will encounter at Westminster.

Becoming a Better Writer helps you improve the general writing skills you will need for a variety of writing assignments at Westminster.

Becoming a Demanding Reader provides a brief guide to better reading at the level required for Westminster courses.


Citation and Formatting Guide is a PDF file which provides brief introduction to citation practices at Westminster as well as a Quick Guide to Citation at Westminter.

The Plagiarism Page is Westminster's official definition of plagiarism which students must acknowledge that they have read and understand on each paper they write. This page also detailed examples of plagiarism and gives guidance for how to avoid it.

Plagiarism FAQ gives answers to some frequently asked questons about plagiarism at Westminster. Note: Be sure to read the Plagiarism page first. 


Format Guidelines explains the formatting and submission requirements that Westminster expects all students to follow in their theses, dissertations, or projects.

Books about Writing

CTW recommends a number of excellent books about writing for both beginning and advanced levels.