Writing for Counseling

Counseling writing is about engaging specific people in specific situations with the good news of Jesus Christ. 

Counseling papers are meant to prepare you as a future counselor or pastor for real counseling situations and to facilitate your own personal engagement with the gospel. Therefore, these papers require you to focus on 

  • the truths of the Bible (as they are explicated in the biblical-counseling model taught in class); 
  • the various situations, problems, personalities and responses found in case studies. 

By maintaining this dual focus upon truth (Scripture) and application (counseling situation), you will grow in your understanding of the gospel and your ability to apply it to everyday life. 

The following guidelines speak to the two most commonly assigned types of counseling papers, the response paper and the case study. Professors have their own purposes and goals for these types of papers. Therefore, the first step in completing a counseling assignment is to read, understand and follow your professor’s instructions for that particular paper. The CTW's tips for counseling writing will also guide you through the writing process.

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