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Becoming a Better Writer - Machen Building

Seminary is a place for learning about God and His word as well as for preparing to serve the church and the world as ministers of His gospel. An important part of learning any subject is becoming competent to articulate one’s ideas about that subject clearly and cogently. Writing is the act of giving careful, thoughtful articulation to one’s thoughts, and the student who has not learned to write clearly has not really learned to think clearly. 

 So, why study writing in seminary? Because writing is one of the ways we learn about God.  Moreover, the church and the world need those who can articulate the gospel faithfully, bringing it to bear upon the issues of life with insight, clarity, and truthfulness (cf. Rom 10:14). 

Speaking truthfully and faithfully about God is a weighty calling that demands attention and study.  Seminary is perhaps, therefore, the ideal place to think about how we put into words those truths that are beyond our comprehension. 

This site is devoted to helping you navigate the writing process for a variety of writing assignments at Westminster, combining the insights gleaned from past and current students with the wisdom and experience of seasoned writers and educators. As you have questions or would like guidance or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the staff at the Center for Theological Writing.

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Planning Your Project

Conducting an Extended Writing Project

Beginning Your Research

Writing for Blue Book Exams

Developing Your Thesis

Citation and Formatting Guide

Crafting Your Paper

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Writing Clearly and Coherently

 Online Resources for Writers

Editing and Proofreading


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