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John Calvin in private study
"There is no worse screen to block out the Spirit
than confidence in our own intelligence."
John Calvin
  • An Estimate of:
   • Calvin's Character - A must read!
   • Calvin's Work 
   • The Closing Scenes of Calvin's Life
   • The Will of John Calvin
   • Calvin's Commentaries

This is a sermon preached by Rev. Hofstetter attempting to give a good perspective on what predestination is, what it is not, and what it is for.

This is a defense of the five points of Calvinism by R.L. Dabney (1820-1898)

This is the unabridged edition.

John Murray's penetrating article The Sovereignty of God, published years ago in tract form by the Committee on Christian Education (Fighting the Good Fight, p. 157) is now available on the OPC website.

Charles Spurgeon (1834-1892) was a Reformed Baptist minister(37.6 K)
     • Attractively Formatted Version (offsite)

  • Arminian Errors by Rev. William MacLean, M.A. From the tract, Another Gospel

This is a great article which appeared in a great two-volume refutation of Arminianism.

  • Reprobation Asserted - Or, The Doctrine Of Eternal Election And Reprobation Promiscuously Handled: In Eleven Chapters by John Bunyon

A tidbit of good ol' Puritan logic from the good doctor.

To whom did Jesus address the following words? "Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." - The answer may surprise you. (See also Studies on Saving Faith in our Books section)

A nice, 24-point bullet list of Reformed (Calvinistic) distinctives.

Six Lectures Delivered at Princeton University, 1898 under the auspices of the L. P. Stone Foundation. Dr Abraham Kuyper (1837-1920) was a Dutch Calvinist theologian, philosopher and politician. As leader of the Anti-Revolutionary Party in the Netherlands he served as Prime Minister of his country from 1901 to 1905.

  • Infant Salvation - This article is excerpted from The Reformed Doctrine of Predestination, by Loraine Boettner, Eleventh Printing, The Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Company, Philadelphia, PA 1963 435 pages. This is Section 11. of chapter XI. Unconditional Election, and is subtitled, Infant Salvation.