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John Calvin: A Heart for Devotion, Doctrine, Doxology (Hardcover) by Parsons, Burk

John Calvin: A Pilgrim's Life (Paperback) by Selderhuis, Herman J.

Binding of God: Calvin's Role in the Development of Covenant Theology by Lillback, Peter A. CH 944: 100%

Institutes of the Christian Religion: 1541 French Edition (Paperback) by Calvin, John

Cambridge Companion to John Calvin by McKim, Donald K.

A Theological Guide to Calvin's Institutes: Essays and Analysis (Hardcover) by Hall, David W., Lillback, Peter A.

Calvin's Theology of the Psalms (Paperback) by Selderhuis, Herman

Calvin and the Atonement (Paperback) by Peterson, Robert A.

John Calvin: Pilgrim and Pastor (Paperback) by Godfrey, W. Robert

The Legacy of John Calvin: His Influence on the Modern World (Paperback) by Hall, David

Christ and the Decree: Christology and Predestination in Reformed Theology from Calvin to Perkins (Paperback) by Muller, Richard A.

Day by Day with John Calvin by Calvin, John