Tentative 2017 Classes
Dr. Brandon Crowe
The Gospel of Matthew
Taught by Dr. Brandon Crowe
July 31-Aug. 4, 2017
Dr. Iain Duguid
Biblical Theology of Worship
Taught by Dr. Iain Duguid
Aug. 7-11, 2017
Dr. Lane Tipton
Theology of Hebrews
Taught by Dr. Lane Tipton
Aug. 14-18, 2017
Dr. Carlton Wynne
New Modernity
Taught by Dr. Carlton Wynne
Aug. 21-25, 2017


  • Theology of Romans - Dr. Tipton
  • The Life and Thought of Martin Luther - Dr. Trueman
  • Theology of Adoption - Dr. Garner
  • Scottish Presbyterianism - Dr. Trueman
  • Judges - Dr. Duguid
  • Hermeneutical Foundations - Dr. Poythress
  • Gospel of John - Dr. Crowe
  • Philosophy for Theologians - Dr. Oliphint
  • Theodicy - Dr. Edgar
  • Covenant Theology - Dr. Tipton
  • History of Eschatology - Dr. Jue
  • Covenantal Apologetics - Dr. Oliphint

The Modular Th.M. program offers advanced theological training beyond the M.Div. for further development for ministry or additional graduate study. It is designed to allow a student to focus more deeply on aspects of ministry and theology that are of particular interest to them, offering concentrations in biblical studies and historical and theological studies..

Restructured for pastors and others who are unable to relocate full-time to our Philadelphia campus, this program provides week-long classes offered three times a year. Students are able to complete the Th.M. Modular program in three years. Housing and other accommodations are included.


  1 Module 3 Modules 6 Modules
Housinge, Transport, Food $560 $1,680 $3,360
Tuition $3,305 $9,915 $19,830
Total* $3,865 $11,595 $23,190
* Matriculation and student fees not included. Please refer to the catalog for details.

Admissions and Registration

What is the purpose of the Modular Th.M. program?

The Th.M. program is designed to increase the student’s knowledge of a major field of theological learning, furthering preparation for ministry, or more advanced graduate study. The Modular Th.M. allows students to complete the necessary course work in week-long classes offered four times per year on Westminster’s Philadelphia campus. To provide convenience, all local transportation (excluding an airline ticket), housing, and food are provided for those who select the travel package.

How do I apply for the Modular Th.M.?

Complete the online Admissions Application

What are the Admissions requirements for the Modular Th.M.?

The Admissions requirements are the same for the Modular Th.M. as for the traditional Th.M. offered on Westminster’s Philadelphia campus, with one exception. Non-native English speakers must have a TOEFL score above 111. Please see the Academic Catalog.

What is the Admissions deadline?

June 1 for August modules.

What do I do after I am accepted?

The acceptance letter will detail the next steps. Accepted students are required to pay a $250 non-refundable deposit to confirm their plans to attend Westminster. Upon paying the deposit, students will receive a Westminster email address and access to Self-Service and WTS Courses.

What are Self-Service and WTS Courses?

Westminster’s Self-Service system is a place where you can manage your educational needs online. There you can search and register for courses, view your schedule, access your grade report, view your academic plan and unofficial transcript, and pay your tuition.
WTS Courses is Westminster’s online course management system. Through WTS Courses you will be able to locate the course syllabus, upload assignments, take online exams, and access additional information posted by professors.

How do I register for classes?

If admitted, students will be registered for their first module automatically after filling out the Registration Form. Please contact the Registrar’s Office at registrar@wts.edu with any questions.


When are the modules offered?

Modules are typically offered late July and August. Week-long courses are also offered in January but do not include the travel package. See the course schedule on Westminster's website. Should a class be cancelled for insufficient enrollment, students will be notified six weeks in advance.

What is the course schedule for the modules?

Modules meet Monday through Friday. PT 421P Theological Bibliography and Research Methodology is offered during some modules. Time will also be provided for library research after class.

Financial Information

How much does the Modular Th.M. cost?

Tuition and fees equal Westminster’s non-modular Th.M. tuition and fees. See the Academic Catalog for the current cost. In addition to the tuition and fees, the modular program offers a travel package for an additional $560 fee per module. Please see below for the details of the travel package.

When do I pay tuition?

Tuition and fees are due by the first day of class.

Is financial aid available?

The Modular Th.M. program is considered a “less than half-time program” and therefore financial aid is not available. Please bear in mind that because the program enrollment status is “less than half time”¬†students with previous government loans will not be eligible to seek deferment.¬† Students may apply for private, bank education loans. Please contact the Financial Aid Office at financialaid@wts.edu, with any questions.


What are the academic requirements of the Modular Th.M.?

See the Academic Catalog for the degree program requirements. The program requires six courses plus PT 421P Theological Bibliography and Research Methods, languages, a comprehensive exam, and a capstone. Beginning fall 2017, the capstone for biblical studies students is two additional courses with major papers while the capstone for theology or church history students is a thesis. Detailed instructions regarding the capstones are found in the Academic Catalog. Students should also review the Format Guidelines for WTS Theses, Dissertations, and Projects.

What concentrations are offered in the Modular Th.M. program?

Two concentrations are offered for the Th.M. Module program: 1) Historical and Theological Studies and 2) Biblical Studies. Any Apologetics, Church History, or Systematic Theology course counts toward the Historical and Theological Studies concentration. Any Old Testament or New Testament course counts toward the Biblical Studies concentration. Students must take at least three courses in their area of concentration.

I have applied to the Biblical Studies concentration. When and how do I take the language competency exam?

Exams are administered four times throughout the year in-person as well as online and each exam is two hours in length. For further information, to view upcoming exam dates and to register for an exam, please visit the Greek and Hebrew Languages page on the seminary's website. Exam dates are also given on the Academic Calendar.

How do I purchase textbooks?

Books may be purchased from the Westminster Bookstore.

What are the course requirements?

Students will have access to their course requirements at least one month prior to the module start date. Each course normally requires readings and/or assignments to be completed prior to the beginning of the course. The course syllabus, including pre-course assignments, will be posted in WTS Courses.
Logging into WTS Courses:
1. Type courses.wts.edu in your web browser.
2. Enter your user name and password.
3. The title of your course will appear under the “My Courses” section.
4. Click on the title of your course to enter the course page.
If you need assistance with logging in, please contact helpdesk@wts.edu. For additional instructions on using WTS Courses, email academicaffairs@wts.edu.

When is PT 421P Theological Bibliography offered?

PT 421P Theological Bibliography is offered at least once a year during a module. Students must take the course during their first or second module.

What library resources are available?

The Montgomery Library offers print and electronic resources to assist students with their research. Students will be able to access the library with their student ID number, upon acceptance.

Do I have access to student and academic services from a distance?

If admitted, modular students have access via phone or email to all of Westminster’s student and academic service departments (Registrar’s Office, Financial Aid Office, Academic Affairs Office, Library, etc.) while they are enrolled in the program. Many resources are also found on Westminster’s website, such as the resources posted by the Center for Theological Writing.

Will I have an advisor?

Students are assigned a faculty advisor upon acceptance.

How long will it take to complete the Modular Th.M. program?

A student may complete the Modular Th.M. program in as little as three years. It is anticipated that candidates will complete all degree requirements within six years. Students may take a minimum of one course per year and remain current in the program.


Who do I contact regarding my travel plans?

All registered students should complete the Travel Information Form, including their flight details (if applicable), at least one month prior to the module start date. Within a month of the module start date, students who have not completed the Travel Form should contact academicaffairs@wts.edu directly to deal with travel and housing logistics.

What is provided in the travel package?

The travel package includes local transportation, hotel, and meals.

  1. Transportation: A shuttle will transport the students to and from the hotel, departing once in the morning and returning once in the evening.
  2. Hotel: Hotel reservations are for Monday through Thursday night. Hotel rooms are double occupancy. Students will share a room with another student in the program.
  3. Meals: Breakfast will be provided at the hotel. Lunch and dinner will be provided on campus.
What if I don't need the travel package?

A student may decline the travel package and make their own transportation arrangements. Those who decline the travel package may have the option of paying a $135 meal fee, which covers lunches and dinners, Monday through Thursday as well as Friday's lunch. Since these community meal times provide a time of fellowship with other students as well as the course instructors--often building on in-class discussion--participation is highly encouraged.

What if I desire to arrive earlier or extend my stay beyond the days covered by the travel package?

The travel package includes hotel accommodations and local transportation Monday through Friday afternoon. Hotel stays and transportation at times other than those covered by the travel package will be at the student’s expense. For those desiring to arrive or depart at times other than those arranged by Westminster, staff can provide recommendations for hotel accommodations and transportation. Email academicaffairs@wts.edu for more information.

Prior to or during the module, whom do I contact regarding course or travel logistics?

Prior to acceptance, please contact the Admissions Office at admissions@wts.edu with all questions. After acceptance and during the module, email academicaffairs@wts.edu if you have questions regarding the program or your travel logistics.