3.4 Student Organizations

3.4.a The Student AssociationStudent Association

A student-led campus group that exists for the benefit of Westminster students, the Student Association has a threefold mission: 1) to promote community on campus, grounded in our unity in Christ and hope in the gospel, by providing and sponsoring times of fellowship among students and opportunities for service; 2) to serve the student body in a variety of ways whether large or small; and 3) to act as a liaison between students and the administration, faculty, and staff by advocating for student concerns, helping the administration to access the pulse of the student body, and by providing a forum for dialogue. To accomplish its mission, Student Association organizes a variety of campus activities as well as sponsors the campus fellowship groups. Activities of the Association are supported through a student activities fee. Representatives of the Association meet regularly with the Dean of Students to promote the goals of the Association throughout the Westminster community.

3.4.b Fellowship Groups

Consistent with the purposes of the Student Association, the Seminary offers various student fellowship groups that meet regularly during the academic year for fellowship, prayer, and campus events. Currently, these groups include the African Student Fellowship, African/African-American Student Fellowship, Chinese Student Fellowship, Korean Student Fellowship, Missions Fellowship, Women’s Student Fellowship, Wives of Westminster, Preaching Club, and Global Urban Mission Student Fellowship. More information can be found on the Seminary’s webpages for Fellowship Groups .

3.4.b1 Women’s Student Fellowship

The Women’s Student Fellowship seeks to build community among women students from every degree program and cultural background; provide support in the development and implementation of their education, training and gifting; and to encourage one another in their relationship with the Lord and the outworking of their faith.

3.4.b2 Wives of Westminster

Wives of Westminster seeks to provide resources and support to wives of Westminster students; encourage them in the discovery and application of their gifts as they serve alongside their husbands; and nurture friendship and community with each other and the larger seminary community.