8.5 Application of Westminster Scholarships

Westminster Grants, Scholarships and External Aid

Westminster grants and scholarships will be applied to the student’s account so long as the student remains within the eligibility requirements specified in their financial aid award letter. If a student has been awarded a need-based Westminster grant or scholarship and also has received external aid, the Westminster grant or scholarship will be applied to the student’s account last and any excess will not be refunded to the student. Under no circumstances will the Seminary pay out Westminster grants or scholarships in excess of the student’s outstanding balance. In the illustration below, assume that Westminster has awarded the student a $2,000 Westminster grant:


External Aid Designated for Non-Tuition purposes

If external aid is received for a particular student and is designated exclusively for a non-tuition expense such as books or living expenses, then the full amount of the aid will be given to the student and there will be no reduction of his/her Westminster scholarship (if applicable).


If a student wishes to appeal the reduction of WTS aid, they may submit an appeal letter to the Financial Aid office to be considered by the Scholarship Committee.