9.7 Scholarship Application Submission Deadlines

The deadlines listed below are for the following academic year unless otherwise indicated. Applications are considered submitted when all application materials have been received, the submission date being the date that the last application material is received. For new/incoming students, the submission date is the later of 1) receipt of all application materials or 2) full admittance to the seminary (for US/Canadian citizens/permanent residents) or provisional admittance (international, non-Canadians).

Type of Applicant Type of Grant / Scholarship Application Deadline
U.S./Canadian citizens/permanent residents All April 15
"Late Application"*
(eligible applications: new/incoming students admitted after March 1) 
Church Partnership, General Masters, and M.Div. Ministry Grants July 15
"Spring semester only"* (for the following spring semester)
(eligible applicants: returning students who missed the deadline and new/incoming students who missed the "Late" application deadline) 
General and M.Div. Ministry Grants September 30
Certain Special Grants or "Named" scholarships may have different deadlines.
(Please see the Financial Aid webpages)
International Students
All March 1
Spouse Grant Students** Spouse Grant June 1
"Spring semester only" (for the following spring semester)
(eligible applicants: new/incoming and returning students who missed the dealine) 
October 31

*Awarding is subject to availability of remaining funds
**A student who submits an application by the deadline(s) but whose marriage occurs after the deadline(s) but before the start of the semester will be considered. If the marriage occurs during the Fall semester, the student will be considered for a “Spring semester only” award.