6.5.1 Admission and Program Length

6.5.1.a Admission to the Program

Admission requirements can be found in section 5.1 (General Requirements for Admission). Students should also note the transfer of credit policy in section 5.2.3.d.

6.5.1.b Program Length and Time Limit

The M.A.R. degree is designed as a two-year or three-year program. If no credits are transferred from another institution, two years of full-time study is the minimum time that it will take to complete the degree. (If a student never registers for summer or winter terms, two years of full-time study translates to approximately 14 credit hours per semester if no language courses need to be taken and 19 credit hours per semester if all language courses need to be taken.) Unless a student is granted advanced placement based on the results of the Greek or Hebrew placement exam, the student is strongly advised to begin the summer term prior to the initial fall semester and complete the courses in sequence as noted in the Hebrew and Greek language tracks. Normally, students take three years of full-time study to complete the degree in order that they may take Greek and Hebrew in different years.

Students who are taking courses on a part-time basis due to employment or other reasons should adjust their course work plans and extend their program length accordingly.

The Registrar and Dean of Students are available for counsel concerning individual student needs. For a comparison of the number of semesters required to complete the degree based on the number of credits per semester, please refer to the Program Length table  (section 6.2).

Time Limit: The maximum time limit to complete the M.A.R. degree is 10 years (including any leave of absence or withdrawal period). Petitions for an extension due to unusual circumstances or hardship must be granted by the Faculty Committee of Three