7.6.3 Evangelism Courses

PTE 193  Guided Practicum in Personal Evangelism

  • To show students how to share the gospel in a personal way with those around them
  • To help students get over the fear of sharing their faith with strangers 
  • To encourage students to develop the habit of regularly sharing their faith

Topics covered include “Evangelism Explosion,” the Navigator’s “Bridge,” and street preaching. Class members will regularly go out to share their faith with others.
  Spring semester, two hours. (Not given in 2014-2015). Staff.

PTE 251  Jewish Evangelism

  • To learn to share the Messiah with Jewish people

Topics covered include the history of Jewish missions, Jewish cultural and religious sensibilities, strategies for gospel outreach to the Jewish people, and apologetic and theological issues involved in this field.
 Fall semester, two hours. (Not given in 2014-2015). Staff.

PTE 403  Understanding Islam and Reaching Muslims

  • To know the history, theology, and culture of Islam
  • To prepare students to share their faith with Muslims 
  • To be able to build a ministry that will reach out to Muslims

Topics covered include the life of Mohammed, the history of Islam, the culture of Islam, Islamic theology, Islamic worldview, folk Islam, how to answer Muslims’ questions, witnessing to Muslims, and building a ministry to Muslims.
  Spring semester, two hours. (Not given 2014-2015) Staff.