7.1 Old Testament

It must be apparent to anyone who reads the Gospels carefully that Jesus Christ, in the days of his flesh, looked upon that body of writings which is known as the Old Testament as constituting an organic whole. To him the Scriptures were a harmonious unit which bore a unique message and witness.

                                                             – E. J. Young


Nothing is more foundational to Christian ministry than a full-orbed knowledge and embrace of the gospel. The Old Testament department is committed to teaching the first thirty-nine books of the Bible, with all the aspects entailed, as the anticipation of the glorious climactic fulfillment of redemption in Jesus Christ.

To this end, the Old Testament curriculum enables students:

  • To acquire a reading knowledge of biblical Hebrew
  • To acquire a knowledge of the content of the Old Testament 
  • To grapple with the challenges of biblical interpretation 
  • To evaluate the ways in which the Old Testament has been interpreted in the past 
  • To perceive the unity of the Old and New Testaments and the hermeneutical significance of their unity 
  • To understand and value the historical context in which God gave his redemptive revelation, how it began in the Old Testament period and then culminated in the glorious and extraordinary climax to that history in Christ and his work in Christ as interpreted in the New Testament 
  • To identify the major biblical-theological themes of the Old Testament and to recognize their importance for understanding the gospel 
  • To develop skill in understanding and applying each of the books of the Old Testament 
  • To learn to communicate the gospel through the Old Testament 
  • To be encouraged to embrace the gospel in continuing and vital ways through the glory of God’s self-disclosure and to fear the Lord and love him with the whole heart 

Old Testament faculty:

Professor Green
Assistant Professor Kelly,
Dept. Coordinator

Mrs. Groves 
Mr. Lowery
Mr. Putnam

Mike Kelly Doug Green



Old Testament