5.11 Graduation

5.11.a Graduation ApplicationCommencement 1

All students intending to graduate with a degree or certificate are required to submit to the Registrar’s Office a Graduation Application in the spring prior to the expected graduation year.

The Graduation Application consists of both a completed Degree Completion Worksheet (DCW) and Application for Graduation Form. The deadline to submit these forms is June 1st prior to the year in which the student intends to graduate. The Registrar’s Office will review the application as part of a degree audit and notify the student (via an email to the student’s Westminster student email address) of the results, along with the Registrar’s recommended approval or denial for graduation. Students whose applications are received by the submission deadline will receive their degree audit results before the start of the following fall semester. Students whose applications are received after the submission deadline are not guaranteed degree audit results before the start of the following fall semester. The student is responsible for completing all program requirements, including registering for the appropriate courses, whether or not he or she receives the Registrar Office’s degree audit prior to the fall semester of the expected graduating year.

5.11.b Commencement Ceremony

Students who are recommended by the Registrar's Office for graduation should review the Commencement webpage for further requirements no later than February of their graduating year.

All questions regarding commencement should be submitted to the Academic Affairs Office.

5.11.c  Graduating in Absentia

Commencement 2Westminster has a strong heritage of learning in community.

Our commencement ceremony, therefore, is a significant time in which this community assembles to send its graduates into the world to do the Lord’s work. Because of this, all graduates are to be present at the ceremony. However, if a student is not able to attend, he or she must request to receive his or her degree in absentia, which is granted only by permission of the Seminary. A student’s request to graduate in absentia will be considered if one of the following conditions applies:

  1. The student has completed the requirements for his or her degree at the end of the winter term.
  2. The student will be living outside the continental United States at the time of graduation.

Requests to graduate in absentia should be submitted in writing to the Academic Affairs Office.