5.10 Assignment of Credit Hours

Westminster’ academic year is defined as a minimum of two semesters (fall and spring), both 15 weeks in duration, including an exam period. For related information, see sections 9.12.A and 9.12.B.

All Westminster courses must provide a minimum of 14 hours of instruction per credit hour, which may include a final exam. If an on-campus course is scheduled for less than 14 hours of on-campus instruction per credit, alternative instructional hours approved by the faculty must be added to total 14 hours of instruction. Hybrid courses include a combination of on-campus instructional hours and faculty-approved alternative instructional hours, and may include a final exam. Distance education courses include a combination of synchronous instruction and/or asynchronous faculty-approved alternative instructional hours and may include a final exam. Instructional hours for all courses do not include student assignments, which require approximately two hours of out-of-class student work per credit hour, for 15 weeks, or for summer and winter term courses, the equivalent amount of work.