5.1.3 Notification of Admission

5.1.3.a Notification of Admission

After reviewing the credentials submitted, the Seminary will notify the applicant of the decision regarding admission. For those admitted contingent upon their bachelor’s degree, registration for course work is allowed only after submission of a completed transcript. 

Registration for course work is contingent upon receipt of a transcript showing completion of any prerequisite degree.

5.1.3.b Deferment

An admitted student may defer matriculation for up to one year by notifying the Office of Admissions in writing.

5.1.3.c Advance Deposit

In order to confirm their intention to enroll in the Seminary, applicants who have been notified of their admission are required to submit an advance deposit (see section 8.3.c) no later than June 1 for those who plan to matriculate in the summer or fall semester and no later than November 1 for those who plan to matriculate in the winter or spring semester. If the applicant is admitted after this due date, the deposit is due immediately upon receipt of the admission letter. This deposit is applicable to tuition when the student registers for classes. It is not refundable if the student does not enroll. (International students should see section 5.1.2 regarding requirements pertaining to checks.)